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June 13, 2019

Creators meet Volkshotel: ‘Who do you bring’ by Tom van Huisstede

What happens when you let a creative loose in the Volkshotel building with no boundaries? This year we will find out what happens when creators meet Volkshotel. To start things off, we invited Tom van Huisstede to explore all 8th floors and get inspired. This resulted in the series: ‘Who do you bring?’ We had a chat with the Utrecht based photographer about his interpretation and concept.

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“When I first entered these doors I was fascinated by the diversity within the building. Not only when it comes to people, but also in facilities, textures and moods. I saw a lot of surprising combinations and my mind wandered off to surprising scenes I could come up with. The ideas just came to me. And together with concept developer Alice Aangelini, we reduced it down to  these 6 scenes.”

Dog enjoying some bathtub time – Special Room Bathing Bikou

Amsterdam youngster gets ready for a night out – Special Room White bike room

Businessman with his guest – M room


Mother and son have the munchies in their hotel room – Special Bathing Bikou

Metalhead gets taken care of in the massage room – Badplaats

Young vs. old in an arm wrestle match – Doka

“On the shooting days, some photos turned out exactly as I had in mind, for example: the scene between the mother and her son having fun in their hotel room. But shooting days also brings lots of surprises, moments that were not expected. I like to call them ‘gifts’. The photo of the youngster getting ready for a night out is a gift like that. We actually finished up shooting him in front of a mirror when I shot this photo. We played with the beamer in the room and this photo came to be.”

“What I really enjoyed about this project, is that Volkshotel gave me free rein to make anything I wanted. I ended up with seven stories with Volkshotel as the backdrop.”

Tom van Huisstede

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