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November 5, 2018

True stories by illustrator Ted Parker #6


Illustrator Ted Parker came up with the idea to reconstruct true stories that take place in Volkshotel. So here it goes. Once upon a time, in a hotel far far away…

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One time drag queens wouldn’t stop nailing…

It’s midnight. A complaint about noise in one of the rooms reaches our reception. The night porter knocks on the door of room where the noise is coming from. To his surprise he discovers it’s coming from a group of colourful drag queens in the room, that are nailing heels to their shoes. The night porter decides to invite the girls to continue their nailing downstairs in Werkplaats. One hour later, another noise complaint. A neighbour let our night porter know that there’s some tumult by the back door of the hotel. It turns out it’s the same drag queens again. He politely asks them to come inside and finish working on their shoes inside. When they were finished, the girls thanked out night porter loud and hysterically.

One time some good pizza’s went to waste…

A pizza delivery had trouble getting his delivery past the lobby. The people who ordered pizza to their room – who coincidentally also asked the night porter when the first coffeeshops opened a few hours before – were not responding anymore. So off went the pizza delivery guy. Much to the night porters regret, he didn’t get the abandoned pizza’s either.  

One time flirting lead to fighting…

A mature lady was shamelessly flirting with one of the new security guys. Her husband – who was standing right next to her – was not too happy about this. They ended up having a word (to put it mildly) in front of the hotel. This lasted so long that security had to intervene. But obviously not the security guy the woman was flirting with in the first place. He wisely kept his distance.

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