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October 8, 2019

Doka Studio: October in 7 tracks


Doka has been rebuild. Lately we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to transform the basement into a soundbar. Now that the transformation is complete we are ready to kick off our new project Doka Studio.

Doka Studio is the umbrella term for our new Friday and Saturday nights. We welcome DJs and selectors to expose their record collection to the audience and play long uncompromising sets. Once a month we’ll open our doors on Sunday for daytime parties in collaboration with the artists, DJs and producers who occupy studio space at Broedplaats VKG. Together with these artists Doka curates line-ups and creates a space which strives for ultimate sonic freedom. Friday the 11th of October marks the launch of Doka Studio and we’ve asked our head of cultural programma, Axel van der Lugt, to summarise the line-up of October into 7 tracks.

11.10.19 Mary Lake

Ex-Terrestrial – Urth Man
We start off Doka Studio with Mary Lake, a DJ that’s really dear to my heart. This super vibey ambient-acid-breakbeat track has a prominent spot in this live recording of her breaking down Wildeburg. Other very vital info: Mary is the mother of Donna, a super cute Poodle pooch, and has just released a Donna inspired t-shirt. Grab the t-shirt and help her support the Soi Dog Foundation. Remember: Dog is God spelled backwards!

12.10.19 Iggy P

Alton Black ‎- Reunited
The term selector is made for Iggy P. He bends unlikely genres like dub, boogie, 90ies rave and synth pop into a logical blend. I remember tuning in to Iggy’s Betonska Basta show on Red Light Radio where he played a certain reggae track that really got a hold of me. Turned out to be Reunited by Alton Black, best to play as loud as possible.

Hellie Berry & Suze Ijó 18.10.19

Byron the Aquarius – Sorry Kari (Lu$t)
I’ve witnessed the combination of Hellie Berry & Suze Ijó once before when they were playing Claire and they took me on a journey through the soulful spectrum. Super excited to hear them play on our new sound system! I hope one of them baggs the latest album of Byron the Aquarius and plays Sorry Kari (Lu$t) for me. Thanks in advance, I will be forever grateful 🙂

Cosmic Rhythm 19.10.19

Don Carlos – Inspiration
After their ADE showcase in Canvas last year, Italian collective Cosmic Rhythm will descend to our basement on the 19th of October. They’re bringing a heavy house line-up featuring Cosmic Garden, Spirtual Emphasi, Mediterranean Key Collective, Aurelius and icon Don Carlos. Check out Inspiration by Don Carlos for 6 minutes and 25 seconds of pure synthesizer bliss.

Brighter Days 20.10.19

DJ Spinna at The Lab
Sunday the 20th of October, it’s time for the first Doka Studio on Sunday which is part of Amsterdam Dance Event. We’ve asked Brighter Days to come boogie with us and are super stoked about this collaboration. Brighter Days head honchos and Broedplaats VKG tenants Kamma & Masalo have invited New York legend DJ Spinna, Margie, Nevill Mitchell and a very special guest from Rush Hour. It’s quite hard to pick a single track that defines a group of hard-working-and-music-loving-crate-diggers. Therefore I’ve chosen to include a mix from the man DJ Spinna himself that showcases the cutting-edge sound of this Sunday matinee.

Jordan CGZ 25.10.19

Jordan CGZ – Minor 7 Resin
During the last Friday of October we’ve invited fellow Broedplaats VKG tenant Jordan CGZ over to Doka Studio. Jordan is best known for running his own imprint Off Minor Recordings, being half of Dekmantel favourites Juju & Jordash and for simply being a superb DJ. Jordan told us he’s got some pretty exciting extra’s in store for us for his first Studio sessions. This is not gonna be your ordinary set, check out his Minor 7 Resin to get into the groove already.

Mahabe137 26.10.19

Eric Nouhan & Georgio Schultz – Gamma Rays
Mahabe137 grew into Wildeburg and Into The Woods favourites over the last few years. Their eclectic sound and super fun presence makes any Mahabe137 show one for the books. They will play the last Doka Studio of October, which is also the official afterparty for 24h Oost, and will close the month with a bang. Prepare yourself for a trip, their sets range from boogie and funk to up-tempo house, electro and jungle. Recently they posted a proud pic on their Instagram showing the cover of Future Funk by Eric Nouhan and Georgio; a banging 90ies trance and breakbeat record made for the dancefloor.

Doka Studio
*Every Friday & Saturday // 22.00 – 06.00 // €5.- entrance (pin only) // Free before 00:00*
*Check out the full October programme on Facebook*
*Read all about the technical specs here*

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