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November 27, 2019

Volkshotel x IQMF 24/7 Pop-Up Cinema


The International Queer and Migrant Film Festival (IQMF) is celebrating its five year anniversary. To mark this important date, a pop-up Cinema will be taking place 24/7 in one of the work cabins at our ground floor from the 2nd until the 8th of December.

IQMF was founded in 2015 in Amsterdam and is a festival for queer & migrant related films as well as a multi-disciplinary community space with art exhibitions, workshops, talks and the international talent programme IQMF Academy, all contributing to a diverse and inclusive society.

Here we give a sneak preview of some films that are being showed in the pop-up cinema. In total there will be non-stop screening of 12 films.

Ayaneh (dir. Nicolas Greinacher, Switzerland)
Set in Switzerland, our story follows Ayaneh, a young refugee from Afghanistan. One day at a public swimming pool she meets Anna and instantly feels attracted to her. As the relationship
between the two women develops, Ayaneh is confronted with growing resistance from her religious family.

Midnight Frontier (dir. Peter van Langen, Netherlands)
Activists that stand at the frontline of LGBTQ+ activism in Georgia recount their experience during the International Day Against Homophobia, in which they were assaulted by thousands of
anti-gay activists, led by the Georgian Orthodox Church.

All Monsters Are Human (dir. Heleen Spooner & Hugh Davis, Azerbaijan)
In the wake of a vicious anti-LGBT government crackdown in Azerbaijan in September 2017, this documentary film follows the plight of three young LGBT Azeris: Roma, Ladycat and Kristina, all
of whom fled their home country hoping to find sanctuary in Istanbul.

Floss (dir. Popo Fan, China)
Ting is a young professional living in Beijing. His new boyfriend Mark loves him dearly, but he finds it difficult to commit to the relationship as there is a secret that is difficult to share: he has a fetish for Mark’s teeth.

Facebook event // December 2nd – December 8th // Free entrance // www.iqmf.nl

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