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General info

When to come & when to go
Your room will be ready at 16:00. Come when you like, your luggage is safe with us. Check out is at 12:00 midday, so have a sleep in.

Breakfast is served on our 7th floor, 7:00-11:00 on weekdays & 8:00-12:00 on weekends and holidays. Breakfast is €13 pp.

We have our own private outdoor car park, next to the hotel. We charge €20 per 24hrs for hotel guests. Other visitors pay €3 per hour or €25 for 24 hrs. Usually there’s enough space for everyone. We don’t take reservations.

Our rates include VAT and other taxes. We like to keep things simple.
Limited Rate (pay now): This rate gives the best price for your room. You’ll pay the full amount when you make your booking. Modifying or cancelling your booking is possible for €20 per night, until 24 hours before your day of arrival. For example: When your arrival day is Friday, you can modify or cancel your booking until Wednesday 11:59pm (Amsterdam Time).
Flex Rate (pay on arrival or pay now): This rate lets you modify or cancel your booking free of charge, until 24 hours before your day of arrival. For example: When your arrival day is Friday, you can modify or cancel your booking until Wednesday 11:59pm (Amsterdam Time).

Bike rent
You can rent a Volkshotel bike for €14 on the first day & €10 on following days. We don’t take reservations.

Co-working space & Wi-Fi
Volkshotel’s Wi-Fi is fast and free of charge. We offer a free co-working space where Amsterdammers and hotel guests sit side by side. For private business meetings you can book a 4 to 8 person cabin for €40or €55 per hour.

As long as it’s not the size of a giraffe, pets (max 2) are welcome to stay for an additional €15 fee per night. Email us at reservations@volkshotel.nl, so we are prepared.

Use your room for relaxing, sleeping, cuddling, philosophizing, but not for smoking. If you smoke in your room or tamper with the smoke alarm we will charge you a €150 fee.

Drugs & Prostitution
Drugs (use, possession and selling of any kind) and prostitution are not tolerated in any part of Volkshotel.

Badplaats (Mini Spa)
Our rooftop hot tubs & sauna are open 7:00-23:00. No need to bring cash, only a bathing suit. Alcohol and glassware are not allowed.

Restaurant & Canvas Nights
On Friday and Saturday nights our restaurant Canvas can turn into a dance floor, if the mood is right. Entrance is free for these nights.

Our sound bar Doka in the basement is open on Fridays & Saturdays 22:00-6:00. Doka has limited capacity, so we can’t guarantee you’ll get in.

Everybody needs a bit of relaxation from time to time. Let your downward facing dog out. For schedules check out www.volkshotel.nl/agenda.

Get your haircut on Fridays from 3:00-9:00pm in Werkplaats. Grab a beer, a burger and start your weekend with new hair!

Neck ache, back ache, headache, heartache, a massage fixes everything. Knead out the stress and pains. Send an email to massage@volkshotel.nl or drop by the reception. 

During your stay you might run into live music, exhibitions, cultural events and more. For up to date information, check out www.volkshotel.nl/agenda.

Privacy and Cookie Statement

1. When could we collect your personal information?
a) By making a reservation in our hotel or by using any of our other products or services.
b) By registering for information (flyers, brochures, magazines, quotations, newsletters et cetera).
c) By applying to a job on our recruitment website https://jobs.volkshotel.com See extra info in chapter 9

2. What personal information do we process?
This information usually includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and other information provided by the guest during reservation online or by phone or during check-in at the reception.

After the stay in the hotel, we save the information provided by the guest on a profile. Upon return we could use the information to provide personalised service or to make a new reservation. If granted permission to do so by the guest, we could also process information in our email-database. This database can be used for email-campaigns and newsletters. Information provided by customers/guest can also be used in this database.

3. Why do we process this personal information?
Volkshotel uses this personal information to establish and maintain a responsible commercial relationship with you and to provide ongoing service. To understand your needs and preferences.

4. How do we ask for your permission to process your personal information?
For (commercial) newsletters and email-campaigns we will explicitly ask for permission during the booking process, or in other ways to apply for the newsletters and offers. When permission is granted, the guest agrees with receiving personalised offers by Volkshotel to the provided data.

Volkshotel reserves the right to send existing customers information about our products and services.

If you want to be informed about what data we processed or do not wish to receive such offers and information you may unsubscribe sending an email to hello@volkshotel.nl. We can let you know what data we have and, if requested, delete the information processed by us.

To unsubscribe you from our mailings and newsletter, you can simply click on the link ‘Unsubscribe’ in the newsletter itself. We will delete your information from our email-database.

5. Click path
General visitor information, like most viewed pages, is kept track of on Volkshotels websites, without identifying the visitors. The main goal here is to optimise the website. It also allows us to put more targeted information on the website. Volkshotel can improve its service this way.

6. Use of cookies
A cookie (sometimes also referred to as a browser cookie, HTTP cookie, Internet cookie or Web cookie) is a small file sent from a Web server to your computer whenever you visit a website. If you return to the website later, your Web browser sends the small file to the server to notify the website of any previous activity you engaged in on the site. There are two different types of cookies:
Session cookies – these are temporary and are erased when you close your browser at the end of your surfing session. The next time you visit that particular site it will not recognise you and will treat you as a completely new visitor as there is nothing in your browser to let the site know that you have visited before.
Persistent cookies – these remain on your hard drive until you erase them or they expire. How long a cookie remains on your browser depends on how long the visited website has programmed the cookie to last.

Why does Volkshotel use cookies?
Volkshotel uses cookies to make navigating the website easier, to analyse the use of and to optimise the website. Volkshotel uses session cookies to achieve this.

The use of cookies is an industry standard — you’ll find them almost everywhere on the Internet. Volkshotel uses cookies to collect information about the behaviour of its guests and for communication purposes, like providing service-information about our products. They are also used for marketing activities about our products. Volkshotel uses persistent cookies to achieve this.

How to decline cookies:
You always reserve the right to decline cookies. To do so, you can set your browser (for example Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) to decline all or specific cookies. If you decline cookies, it’s possible that certain services on the website will not be available to you.

7. Volkshotel and other websites
On our websites you will find a few hyperlinks to other websites. Volkshotel can not be held accountable for the usage of your information by those other parties. For more information, read the privacy statement, if available, of the website your visiting.

8. Amendments
Volkshotel reserves the right to change this privacy statement. It’s recommended to read this privacy statement regularly to stay up to date about our privacy policy.

9. Jobs

9.1 What personal information do we process?
When you apply for a job through our Website, we will always collect your name, email address, data of birth, address, phone number, CV and the answers to a number of questions we find relevant for the job, e.g. why would you like to work for us?, what makes you the perfect candidate?, What are you proud of?, How did you find us?  Optionally, you can provide us with other details like your LinkedIn profile. Any conversations you might have with our staff through email about a job opening will also be collected.

9.2 Why do we process this personal information?
When you apply for a job we collect this data on the basis of our legitimate business interests, specifically in order to hire the right person for the job and to assist you if you have any questions about the advertised jobs or the company. Furthermore, we use this to invite you for an interview or let you know that we found someone else for it. 

9.2b. How do we handle your personal data collected in our recruitment process?
We will keep your personal data only for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected or processed, unless we have to keep it for tax or legal reasons. In practice, this means that if you are hired, the information related to your job application will end up in your personnel file. If you are not hired, we will keep your personal data until one month after you’ve been rejected, unless you provide consent for us to keep it for a longer time, e.g. to be included in a talent pool.

We will not share your personal data with third parties unless we have a legal obligation to do so.

You have the right to obtain from us: information about how we process your personal data, as well as a copy of the personal data which we have stored about you. You also have the right to correct, update, shield or delete your personal data in our records, as well as data portability of your personal data to a third party, and to report any misuse of your personal data.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about how we handle personal data or if you wish to make use of your rights described above, please contact us at jobs@volkshotel.nl.


9.3 Use of Cookies

On our recruitment page https://jobs.volkshotel.com we use cookies mostly for analytical reasons: to analyse visitor behaviour (e.g. which pages are viewed often) in order to optimise the usability of the Website. We make use of the following third party tools which use cookies. We use Google Tag Manager to implement third party tools. We use the Facebook pixel, Twitter pixel, LinkedIn pixel and Google AdWords Remarketing pixel in order to measure conversion of our advertisements on social media. For general website analytics we use Google Analytics. The chat functionality is provided by Intercom and uses functional cookies to remember earlier conversations. We use widgets of Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo and Google Maps to enrich job posts.

10. Contact
Wibautstraat 150
1091 GR Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 2612 100
IBAN: NL73INGB0005106435
KVK: 53873572
KVK name: The Magnificent 8 B.V.


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