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November 8, 2014

24hrs Volkshotel

Art & Cult

Whether you’re an entrepeneur on a business trip, a couple on honeymoon or a local coming over to work, eat, drink or party… you can experience Volkshotel in many different ways. We ask artists and visitors to capture their experiences. This results in pictures of people working on laptops, some pretty nice coffee shots, crazy partypics, and one very interesting encounter with a deer.

Volkshotel wants to be a place for everyone. Next to that, we like art. That’s why we’ve decided to start our very own art project in which we ask our visitors and selected artists to capture their stay with us.

24 HRS Volkshotel Facebook Links17Photographer #1: Dennis Duijnhouwer is an Amsterdam based photographer with a big love for analog cameras. With his raw photographic style, he documented Volkshotel during the opening weekend.

008 - My Deer Friend 1.13 am

Photographer #2: Astrid Verhoef shows her journey through Volkshotel, using her imagination and associations with the different functions of the hotel. This results in a staged and sometimes surreal reflection of reality. More of Astrid’s pictures are coming soon.

Volk makes Volkshotel
Guests are encouraged to release their inner artist and record their stay in the hotel with a series of photos. In a time where digital pictures are taken almost without any thought, Volkshotel chooses to work with analog Lomography cameras to encourage people to take pictures with attention. Over the coming months, all pictures will be shared through social media and on our blog. The project ends with a photo exhibition in Volkshotel.

Want to join in?
Ask for your own Lomography camera at reception and capture your stay and  START BEING A PHOTOGRAPHER!

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