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November 23

Beelddragers X10 – expo & print sale

Art & Cult

10 makers, 10 stories & 10 images at this fourth edition of Beelddragers expo & print sale X10. While listening to a podcast, participants could wander around Werkplaats and get inspired by the work of young talents.

Beelddragers is an art platform that supports young artists, developing new initiatives for them to show their work in public.

12238454_931098776976252_7443317462881489536_o 12244282_931096336976496_4203621956240897368_o 12247740_931098096976320_5126409845032121402_o 12247794_931097210309742_3591002703682917098_o 12265564_931097490309714_6054318967849567528_o 12291109_931098153642981_7734764435381836785_o 12291117_931098510309612_221721863371979571_o 12291176_931098240309639_8402367801771215598_o 12291209_931096633643133_13348764818503815_o 12291841_931096486976481_4292607049980306645_o 12291934_931099230309540_5399621429184379679_o

© Françoise Bolechowski
// Beelddragers


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