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June 29, 2015

Talk to: musician Donnie Adams

Art & Cult

A musician at heart, Donnie Adams (33) has been writing songs from the age of 15. Now he’s a member of the four-headed band The Soul Travelers, a group that started out as friends and have been playing together for 1,5 years now. Funky and acoustic music with sharp poetry is their thing, reason enough to invite them to play at Badplaats on the 5th of July during Badplaats Sessions. Time for a chat about summertime in Amsterdam, The Fresh Prince and imagination.

The Soul Travelers, that’s a great name. How would you describe your music?
“I always like to say we’re a soulful and acoustic band that bring together rap, a guitar, pandeiro, and trumpet. Imagine what that may sound like and you get the picture. I don’t like to explain it too much, people should experience the combination of good ingredients and good vibes themselves.”

TST Photo 4

True that. And what’s your additive to the band?
“I’m the rapper and manager of the collective Goal Music Group. Basically the everything-in-one person haha. It’s my main thing in life at the moment, some other members have jobs on the side. I also write the lyrics, inspired by life in general. Philosophy, experiences, analyzing processes in life – it’s all part of the writing process.”

You told us you’ve never visited Volkshotel before. Do you have any expectations of Badplaats Sessions?
“Well, I used to go to Canvas all the time before remodeling and I also went to Doka when it was still a nightclub so the building is sort of familiar. The pictures of Badplaats gave me a pretty good idea and I performed on a rooftop before for a video shoot. So you’re not going to pop my rooftop cherry haha. But this time it will be different with the beautiful view and the daytime setting.”


Badplaats is a great spot in the summer. What do you like most about Amsterdam in summertime?
“Definitely the park! I love being in nature, so sometimes we plan rehearsals at Vondelpark or Westerpark. Being an acoustic band, we’re free to rehearse wherever we want. I do most of whatever I feel like doing in the park; I love to bring my own food and drinks, invite everybody to join the party. Outdoors everybody is welcome, whoever you are and I like that. Summertime really brings life to the city.”

You want to share your best summer tune with us?
“That has to be ‘Summertime’ by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. That’s my joint, that’s how we vibe you know. It’s just like he said: If it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it.”

The Soul Travelers consists of Donnie Adams (mic), Guido Schotten aka G-Do (guitar), Bernt Nellen (pandeiro) and Mark Nieuwenhuis (trumpet). Curious to hear what they sound like? Join us at Badplaats Sessions on the 5th of July:

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