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June 24

Talk to: Jean-Philippe draws objects with ballpoint

Art & Cult

Jean-Philippe Paumier is a French designer and artist, who lives and works in Amsterdam. His studio is located in Broedplaats. He usually draws objects with ballpoint on random pieces of paper. But for Volkshotel, he made an exception.


What things do you love to draw most?
“Most of the subjects I draw are objects. Like food, materials or other things with an interesting texture. I like the contrast. For instance: the texture and lines in meat and stone are quite similar when you draw it. I don’t draw much portraits of people. I guess I feel more comfortable with objects.”


Tell us something about the chalk drawing you made at Volkshotel.
“Well, I didn’t have a plan to start with. I used existing portrait drawings I made earlier and combined them on the spot. I didn’t know how it would turn out until the end. I never do. And sometimes it’s a complete failure. It was quite a challenge to be honest. When the photos were taken I was nervous. It’s the biggest drawing I’ve ever made. But I’m pleased with the result.”


What do you do with drawings that you’re not happy with?
“I keep them in a box. Every now and then I go through them and see if there’s something I can use. Sometimes I find small bits that I can re-use to create something new that I do like.”

Jean-Philppe Werkplaats-3

Jean-Philippe Paumier
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