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July 18, 2015

Volkshotel supports local art

Art & Cult

In addition to our own cultural program, we want to focus on other initiatives outside of our own walls. We kick off with the exhibition True Players in local gallery W139. General Manager José Dol: “We want to contribute to art and culture in the city. In collaboration with the W139, we can now be a part of an exhibition which we are not passively sponsoring, but actively contribute to.”

Abstract Cluedo
The exhibition ‘True Players’ is inspired by the detective board game Cluedo, in which players have to solve a murder. It takes place in the abstractly recreated house of Dr. Black. A line drawing on the walls of the gallery refers to the board and separate sets and structures suggest the different spaces. In this way, the exhibition places new and unexpected relationships between space, person and object.

At the request of curator Suzanne Posthumus, Volkshotel offers its own addition where a hotel room becomes part of the game ‘Cluedo’. We’ve invited artist Royale Belleville to let his imagination run free in this room. The originally Parisian artist has been established in Amsterdam  for years (including in the previous Volkskrant building – now the current Volkshotel). His art is full of references to the balance between good and evil. This creates a dark, mysterious edge in line with the search for the killer in the game Cluedo.

03_True Players

The exhibition also shows works by international artists like Clunie Reid, Will Sheridan Jr., Simeon Barclay, Marlie Mul, Paulien Barbas, Erica Baum, Borden Capalino, Stuart Middleton, Ruairiadh O’Connell, Darja Bajagić and Aam Solleveld.

Volkshotel X W139
After two artists in residence projects, photo project “24hrs Volkshotel”, music and theater festival “Secret Rooms” and many exhibitions inside our building, we think it is time to broaden our horizon and invest in the Amsterdam art and culture scene. For us, ‘True Players’ marks the start for further projects, where we will actively support new initiatives in the art and culture field, several times a year. José Dol: “True Players is an accessible exhibition which appeals to the imagination. The game element provokes interaction. That appeals to us; we want art and culture to be more accessible to a wider group.” So come and have a look at W139!

‘True Players’ // July 24 to August 16 // W139 // Warmoesstraat 139 // Amsterdam
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