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November 15



Kees and Viola are the beating heart of PLANETART, an artist initiative founded together in 1995, “The Home of the Electronic Rage. We shock your senses! “

Who are you?
We are PLANETART coming from Enschede and Amsterdam. We are ‘The Home of the Electronic Rage’. An artist initiative founded in 1995 by a group of young artists that emerged from the first generation of video artists from The Netherlands, linked to Montevideo. PLANETART wanted a stage for experimental talent, noise and shock art that nowhere else in East Netherlands had a place for. Not only to present but simultaneously build a bridge between popular culture and topical contemporary electronic art.

After twelve years of PLANETART in Enschede (South East, Holland) Kees de Groot started a second media lab / artspace in Amsterdam together with colleague Viola Alphen. In fifteen years the initiative has grown into a full-fledged platform for both young and experimental talent. As well as a stage for established talent that no longer only excels in video art, but also in modern forms of technology, such as hackers, games and virtual worlds.

What do you do ?
We are a media lab and an artspace: organizing exhibitions , presentations, performances, art productions, doing a bit of hacking here and there, giving advice and also a training ground for young talent. We make film productions ,video documentaries and organise the GOGBOT festival, and we do much, much more both, internationally and nationally.

What is the Volkskrant building for you ?
An innovative, young, creative, cultural hotspot and networking hub.

What is your most special memory of the building?
Check out our Youtube channel! You can find a fraction of all our memories.

How do you envision Volkshotel for you?
Resistance is Futile!

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