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November 20, 2018

Voortouw in Canvas: a multidisciplinary night


The Amsterdam based initiative Voortouw will host a party coming Friday in Canvas. For the ones who have no idea who or what Voortouw is, we got you covered. An interview with Helena Naeff aka DJ Hellie Berry, co-founder of Voortouw.

Can you describe what Voortouw is exactly? 

Voortouw is a multidisciplinary platform that focuses on representation of marginalised protagonists. We offer them the space and safety to develop themselves. At the moment we do this by organizing club nights, where we work together with visual artists to challenge the concept of a regular club night.

When was Voortouw created and by who? 

The idea for such a community has been spoken of for many years, but it wasn’t until 2018 that it finally came to life out of idealistic reasons. It’s an initiative of myself and Joya Blaauw, but it is a growing collective in which more and more people are joining in.

Why is it important to organize these nights? 

We miss representation of the society in our scene. Although we see a variety of people in our own network working on projects achieving many things, stage representation remains homogenise. Change starts with yourself. We believe it’s very important to create a community in which everybody feels welcome and safe without prejudice. Only then it’s possible to grow.

What can we expect of Voortouw in Canvas coming Friday? 

All the different elements of Voortouw will come to life. In Klein Canvas there will be expositions by Tjitske Oosterholt (who also makes our artwork) and Skylarr & Hadidja. The club DJ’s we invited are Fafi Abdel Nour and Paula Tape. Fafi is a resident at Club Oost in Groningen and has a very interesting boogie and funk collection. Paula has been one of the favorites of Joya for a long time. Paula has a radio show called ‘Music for Plants’, which has a very unique sound and never fails to amaze us. She will definitely bring something special during this night!

Check the Facebook event here. Tickets for this night are 7,50 euros and only available at the door.

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