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May 1, 2019

A talk with Arthood Collective


Next week we welcome creative collective Arthood in our basement. They are hosting an interactive podcast expo about online and offline identities. We were curious about their background and how they came up with the idea to organize an event like this.

What is Arthood collective?

Arthood is a collective of women who reflect on today’s society. We want to evoke questions, stimulate the mind and bring up a conversation about themes such as sexuality, mental health, social equality, gender and the environment. We do this by creating art, editorials, events and talks.

Why did you start this collective?

We started this collective to support each others creativity and to stay triggered. By creating together in an experimental way, we strive to provoke interaction and awareness.

What can we expect of the expo ”Am I my online profile?”

During our event we will launch our first podcast about this subject. We will also expose our research through the statements and portraits of 30 women, which we have interviewed about their identity, online status, mental state and the impact of social media. During this night we will present spoken-word performances, art performances and a lecture about themes such as identity, digitalization and mental health. “Am I my online profile?” is a philosophical question which we will discuss during this night and this is also the main topic in our podcast.

Why is it important to address these topics?

We noticed the impact of digitalization while we were discussing the mental state in our current state of being. We feel that there is a lot more we should talk about, to make people aware of their behavior and daily patterns, when digitalization gets involved. For some people there is an urgency to belong online, and for some people there is no care at all, and the difference betweens these two worlds makes us curious.

What do you hope people will take home after visiting the expo?

We hope to give people a form of recognition, awareness, and more self reflection in our fast world that we live in today. Also we hope to create a safe space during this night to bring up a meaningful discussion.

Thursday May 9th expo launch Doka (19:00 – 23:00)
Saturday May 11th & Sunday May 12th you can visit the expo in our Riet room (13:00 – 19:00)
Facebook Event
Please note: Dutch spoken only.

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