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November 4, 2016

3 most popular complaints


After every stay we ask our guests for honest thoughts on their Volkshotel adventure. So we can keep making it a better place. Here are the three most popular complaints.

Missing kettle to make tea or coffee
It’s true. There is no kettle in our hotel rooms to make coffee or tea. As we’re a big fan of creating new encounters between people, we invite every guest to join other Volkshotel visitors at the bar downstairs or the restaurant / club upstairs. You might come up with the solution for global warming after a casual chat with a local. Or find that the love of your life is working behind the bar at Volkshotel.

Uncomfortable concrete floors
We like it rough. This means there are a lot of raw materials in Volkshotel’s interior. This doesn’t mean that we compromise in terms of comfort. Your daily dose of comfort can be found in hot and steamy showers, snug beds and fluffy towels. Sometimes your feet require a bit more comfort than concrete can offer though. That’s why we’ve replaced it with a more comfortable material. We also offer mobile carpet in our shop. For all you sensitive feet owners out there. Available at the reception.


A pillar in the middle of the room
“Excuse me, could you please remove the pillar from my room?” Unfortunately we couldn’t help this hotel guest, because we were concerned about the building collapsing. But it’s true. Some of the Miss Petite rooms have a big pillar in the middle of the room. Miss Petite is a tiny room, for travellers with tiny budgets. But don’t let its size fool you. It comes with a double bed, a shower, toilet and yes, sometimes a pillar. But we’re sure our guests on tight budgets don’t mind.


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