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August 10, 2017

Cocktail & Barbecue Recipe


Our banqueting manger Edith and our Werkplaats’ chef London know exactly what you need to impress your friends in the barbecue area. London came up with the idea of ‘trout with blood orange and apple salsa’ on the barbecue. And Edith’s tip is the ‘Bright & Sunny’.

Cocktail recipe – Bright & Sunny
by Edith

(This cocktail is also known as Dark & Stormy. But that doesn’t sound very summery now does it?)

▽ Ice
▽ 2 Ounces dark rum
▽ 3 Ounces ginger beer
▽ 1/2 Ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
▽ Lime wedge, for garnish

In a tall glass filled with ic, add the dark rum, ginger beer and the lime juice and stir to combine. Add the lime wedge and there you go. Bottom’s up!

Too lazy to do yourself?
We understand. Drop by Badplaats Summer Sessions. (every first Sunday of the month) for cook cocktails and hot tubs. Summertime is tough. Hang in here.

BBQ recipe – Trout with blood orange and apple salsa
by London


▽ 2 Trouts
▽ 100ml grape seed oil
▽ Star anise
▽ 2 Dried chillies
▽ 1 Garlic clove
▽ 3 Gardamom pods

Apple salsa

▽ 50ml grape seed or olive oil
▽ Juice of half a lemon
▽ 1 Blood orange
▽ 1 Tablespoon of rough chopped pistachio
▽ 1 Apple
▽ 1 Red onion
▽ 1/2 Red rawit chili peper
▽ Fresh mint
▽ Salt & pepper

Heat 100ml grape seed oil with star anise, dried chilies, chopped garlic and cardamon pods for 10 minutes.

Remove the chili seeds and cut the chilli in tiny bits. Peel and cut the apple in small parts. Do the same with the red union. Mix is all up with the lemon juice and the rest of the grape seed oil. Cut the blood orange into pieces and put it into the salsa. Chop the pistachio and cut the fresh mint. Mix (at latest) with the apple salsa. Flavour the salsa with salt and pepper.

Grease outside and inside of the trout with the warm grape seed oil. Place the trout on a heated barbecue. Watch out: when you remove the trout too fast, it will stick on the grill.Repeat the greasing process a couple of times. After 10 minutes, carefully turn the trout. Use tongs instead of a spatula, because it will mess up the skin of the trout.

Whip out your blood orange and apple salsa and dig in.

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