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March 4

New companion: Daniel

Hotel Hotel

This week we welcome four new companions. Today we introduce you to: Revenue Manager Daniel Diecken (29). “I know all the hotels in Amsterdam, but I could never recommend it. Now, though, finally I can!”

Welcome Daniel! What is your role at Volkshotel?
I will be the Revenue Manager, responsible for maximising the business income. I have to make sure the hotel is booked by a range of people from culturally engaged Spanish tourists to cheerful young Belgian businessmen.

Where have you worked previously?
I worked at as the account manager for Amsterdam. My favourite hotel job (until now of course) was at the Amstel Hotel where I was a Bellboy. You can see my 2 seconds of fame in this clip (don’t blink):

NTR Kort Bukowski from Robbie van Brussel on Vimeo.

You had a pretty intensive application process – why do you think you were selected? Why do you belong at Volkshotel?
I don’t know whether it was my well-ironed shirt or my hearty laugh, but hopefully also my skills and expertise. Through my previous work, I know something of hotel accommodation and that I’m good at it – and apparently this showed in my interview.

Finally…why did you want to work at Volkshotel?
I know all the hotels in Amsterdam , but none that I could recommend. Now though, finally, an end to the dull, colourless and grimy hotels in Amsterdam, a blessing for tourists.

What are you most excited about?
To see all the happy faces when people visit the hotel.

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