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June 10, 2017

From newspaper to workspaces to Volkshotel


Hooray! It’s our 3rd birthday! On June 27th 2014 Volkshotel opened its doors to welcome all. From travellers to locals, vagabonds to freelancers and drinkers to dancers. Here’s how it all began.

Newspaper headquarters 1965-2007

1c. 1977 Stadsredactie van De Volkskrant-344

In September 1965 the building first opened its big glass doors. For 42 years it belonged to De Volkskrant – one of the biggest, most progressive Dutch newspapers. Early 2007 the newspaper moved out. Since the moving had been planned for years, hardly any effort was put into maintenance. The building was in bad shape and demolition seemed inevitable.

Broedplaats VKG 2007-2017

Broedplaats VKG Maarten Tromp

While waiting for the demolition, the building needed a temporary function. The Urban Resort Foundation moved in, becoming the chain link between the empty building and creative entrepreneurs. Soon, the old building was filled with hundreds of young creative minds, transforming it into one of the largest creative workspaces in Holland referred to as Broedplaats Volkskrantgebouw or short VKG. The place continuously transformed into a creative and lively hotspot in Amsterdam. The foundation for Volkshotel is made.

Volkshotel 2014-2017


By the end of 2010 plans are made for a new hotel, including Broedplaats VKG and Canvas (one of the Broedplaats tenants). In summertime 2013, the renovation started. In the midst of construction work Broedplaats VKG moved to the back wing of the building (where it still is) and Canvas migrated to the basement, where temporary underground club Doka was founded. The following year is full of building plans, builders, thousands of piles of wood and hundreds of new windows. Until 27th June 2014. When Volkshotel opened its doors.

Come and celebrate with us.

Volkshotel’s 3rd Birthday
Live music, DJs, performances, cool drinks and hot bites.
July 1st // Saturday night // Free entrance
More info on our agenda

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