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January 16, 2018

New room names


As of now, our hotel rooms and meeting rooms have new names. We wanted to keep things as simple possible. And bring an ode to three renowned ladies from the newspaper-era.

Hotel rooms
We have 172 rooms which can fit two, three or four people at a time. They differ in size, ranging from 12m2 to 45m2. To keep things as simple possible for you, we’ve changed the names to suit their proportion. So you know exactly what to expect.

Miss Petite > XS
A tiny room for tiny budgets. But don’t let its 12m2 size fool you. It comes with a double bed, shower, toilet, TV, safe and sometimes a useless pillar in the middle of the room. But we’re sure travellers on tight budgets don’t mind.
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Miss Petite Volkshotel photo Mark Groeneveld_MGF695815

Sir Standard > M
This is the perfect room for travellers who like it in the middle. Its 18m2 of space is filled with everything you might need for a comfy stay. A double bed, shower, toilet, TV, a safe and some spare room for free interpretation.
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Volkshotel photo by Mark Groeneveld 570414

Sir Standard’s Sister > M twin
This room has the same features as our Medium room, except this one has two single mattresses. Because sleeping in one bed can be a bit too cosy when spending the night with your dad, colleague or gardener.
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Volkshotel photo by Mark Groeneveld 356114

Ms. Big > L
With 25m2 to 29m2 and four sleeping spots this room offers enough space for a family, a group of friends or a jazz quartet. There’s a bed hanging from the ceiling, for those who like to be on top of things.
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Volkshotel photo by Mark Groeneveld 326914

Mrs. Massive > XL
If you like it big, this room will tickle your fancy for sure. It’s 45m2 in size and has two double beds and two bathrooms: one with a shower and one with a bathtub. One of the double beds is hidden away in a typical Dutch cupboard with windows, called a ‘bedstee’.
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Volkshotel photo by Mark Groeneveld 603614

Meeting rooms
Our building used to be the headquarters of Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. We’re quite proud of this bit of history and so it’s incorporated into the architecture and interior of our building. We renamed three of our biggest meeting rooms, to bring an ode to three renowned ladies from the newspaper-era. Typically working-class Amsterdam gals who told their colleagues how it was.

Houten Zaal > Riet
Riet is our biggest space. This is the place where almost everything, if not anything, is possible. It’s named after the right-hand lady of three Volkskrant chief editors in a row. Riet worked in this building for over 30 years. Her farewell gift was a trip around the world. Well deserved after 30 years of dedication.
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Houten zaal gif Mark Groeneveld

Betonnen Zaal > Truus
A spacious and bright room at the front of the building. The room can be darkened with the arty blinds, painted by artist Gijs Kast. Combine Truus with Fransje for extra space. This room is named after one of the infamous lunch ladies. She named herself aunty Truus. Back in the days she fought for Dutch pancakes on the lunch menu. She wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve. Truus is a caring woman.
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Beton en Vilt

Vilten Zaal > Fransje
Our smallest and most affordable conference room. Suitable for the smaller and more intimate events. Fransje can be combined with Truus for extra space. This room is named after the telephone operator lady. Not much is known about this woman.
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Vilten Zaal photo Mark Groeneveld

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