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February 17

New identity for Volkshotel


Today is a good day. Today, the first Volkshotel characteristics arise. We are proud to present our Volkshotel logo.

We have our identity.

In a former life, the Volkshotel building was home to one of Hollands largest newspapers called ‘De Volkskrant’(‘The Newspaper of the People’). For forty years, this was the place where ink was spilled and history was written. Now it will be the place of Volkshotel, a place for lovers and artists, locals and travellers.

People change, Hotel will remain
We honour this rich history, which is why the past is not only represented in the Volkshotel’s name, but also in the logo. We have kept a part of the original characters from the ‘Volkskrant’ logo.

The Creator
Amsterdam based artist Erjee Vroling designed the logo. In 2007, Erjee was one of the first creatives renting a studio in our creative nest. Besides that, he is responsible for the artwork in Canvas and Doka.


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