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December 8, 2016

Numbers of 2016


The year is coming to an end. Time to look back and dive into the facts and figures of 2016. And while some might focus on those boring financial figures, Volkshotel is more keen on sharing the number of love babies that were conceived behind hotel room doors. (We’re still working on that exact number…)

1 Performance by a merry LGBT choir called The Rainbow Chorus.

2 This year we celebrated our 2nd anniversary with 1567 visitors and 300 balloons. Hooray!

7 The number of columns that hold the Volkshotel building together. It’s the same amount of columns in the newspaper that was created here from 1965 till 2007. This isn’t a coincidence.

8 Windmills in Amsterdam

10 Big garbage bags of rubbish that we collect daily just from the rooms. That’s about 500 liters of rubbish every day.

14 Volkshotel crew members whoes names start with the letter M.

21-23 The average cleaner takes care of 21 to 23 rooms per day. Sometimes guests leave interesting messages.


22 Paintings of Rembrandt in Amsterdam.

28,5 The average age of the Volkshotel crew.

78 Days of construction before the creative workspaces of Broedplaats, hidden in the back wing of Volkshotel, were up and running.

83 Workspots for ambitious locals and diligent travellers at Werkplaats. Every day travellers and locals mix and mingle here. Under the guise of an experiment, we asked two of them some questions.

85 The number of studios in Broedplaats. A creative workspace filled with over 200 creative minds.

101 Plants that were used in the green Volkshotel canopy. With Ivy, moss, clematis and vine that turns red in fall.


109 Different nationalities that have spent the night in Volkshotel.

128 Members of the Volkshotel crew. They love to give tips om where to go in Amsterdam.

172 Total amount of hotel rooms. Where lovers loved and fighters fought.

167 Complaints this year. These 3 subjects were most popular.

180 Brand new toilet brushes that were ordered this year. You can understand why.

200 Our hotel guests use over 200 toilet paper rolls a week.

207 Paintings of Van Gogh in Amsterdam. Most of them are located in the Van Gogh Museum, that’s open 365 days a year. 1 day of which performer Gertjan Franciscus paraded naked in the lobby in front of an intruiged audience during the event Vincent op Vrijdag x Volkshotel.


216 Trams in Amsterdam.

315 Average amount of festivals each year in Amsterdam. At least one of those festivals is Secret Rooms in February. A location theatre festival in Volkshotel for curious minds and talented makers. Bump into a little band in the elevator, join a theater-genius in an intimate hotel room or get lost in the smokey basement. Next edition is Sunday 26 February 2017.

350 Cacti in Volkshotel when it opened in 2014. All of the cacti were grown by a man who had owned them for 40 years. So some of them were actually 40 years old. A lot of cacti are still in the building, but a lot didn’t survive the hard-knock hotel surroundings.

384 Days for the construction of Volkshotel. Builders started in 2013 and are still working on some unfinished business.

632 Performers and musicians in Volkshotel this year. One of them is Psycho-Jones. He adds much more to a night than most DJs might dare to. Think rock ‘n roll, disco, indie and soul topped off with mad decoration and some weird games.

900 Artis zoo owns around 900 animal species. Pet owners own an average of 1.6 animals. Which they can bring to Volkshotel, as we’re a pet-loving hotel.

922 Lost items this year, including:

  • Hello Kitty headband
  • Black fake Ray Ban
  • Curling irons
  • The Complete Masterworks – Beethoven
  • Plastic bag with photo negatives
  • Three jars of tapenade
  • Dusty brown scarf
  • Blue pillow saying: This is a stress free zone
  • Plastic bag of underwear
  • Scarf with brown snow flakes
  • Plastic bag with handkerchiefs

1.575 LED lights light up our outdoor terraces.

1.864 Volkshotel bikes that were rented out for an urban city adventure.

2.500 Houseboats in Amsterdam.

5.000 New pumps for the shampoo bottles. The old ones weren’t doing their job properly.

5.556 The number of chilly cheese burgers that were ordered at Werkplaats.

5.724 Bottles of Volkspils that were ordered.

8.094 The total amount of ‘bitterballen’ that were ordered. This classic Dutch snack never gets old. Especially on Friday afternoons.

12.987 Disappeared forks and knives.

16.260 The number of reservations Volkshotel received this year. That’s an average of 90 a day.

17.558 Canvas club night visitors working up a sweat when showing off their crazy dance moves.


22.196 Received phone calls. On average the phone rings 123 times a day.

881.000 Bicycles in Amsterdam. Of which 63 are at Volkshotel and are rented out to fearless guests every day. Interesting side fact: Amsterdam has 838.338 inhabitants. This means there are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam.

1.500.000 Tiles that covered the whole building, when it was first used as newspaper headquarters back in 1965. The amount of tiles were equal to the amount of letters present in the newspaper. It didn’t take long for the tiles to fall off one by one.

Opening Volkskrantgeouw 25-09-65. Foto Wim Ruigrok

Bye bye 2016!

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