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October 15, 2014

Special Room: Johnny Jukebox


Back when Volkshotel was rubble and dust, it was decided that 9 of the 172 hotel rooms would be unique from the rest and what better way to achieve this than to have 9 different creatively minded people to design one each. From architects to toilet ladies, 40 ideas were pitched to Volkshotel. The result: 9 original, innovative, unique and of course, ‘special rooms’.

Whether it’s sleeping in a larger than life jukebox or dozing away in a tree house amongst nature, anything is possible in Volkshotel’s special rooms. From layout to floor and from bathroom to window, every room is unique. Firstly, we would like to introduce Johnny Juke box, designed by Remco Gonggrijp (36) – Architect with an office in Volkshotel’s broedplaats VKG.

#1 of 9

The idea
Inspired by design and a passion for music. The design is composed entirely of rigid geometric shapes and characterized by the Amsterdam music scene.

Johnny Jukebox 6 photo Mark Groeneveld

The room
Music plays the important role with floor to ceiling speakers, a mixing deck and a music collection which even includes cassettes, guests can play dj for the night. Design and shapes are obvious in the room, with angles and slopes all culminating the bed and the relaxing window seats. The combination of design and music results in a striking yet functional, stylish room, just like a real jukebox.

Johnny Jukebox 2 photo Mark Groeneveld

The guests
This room is for people with an interest in art and music. The place to prepare for a night out in the city or to cool down and release a hangover in the relaxed bathroom.

Johnny Jukebox 6 photo Mark Groeneveld Johnny Jukebox 5 photo Mark Groeneveld Johnny Jukebox 4 photo Mark Groeneveld Johnny Jukebox 3 photo Mark Groeneveld Johnny Jukebox 1 photo Mark Groeneveld

– Feel like a musical stay in Volkshotel? Check out Johnny’s availability. Like all special rooms, Johnny Jukebox is available from EUR 129,- a night.
– Find out more about architect Remco Gonggrijp
– All pictures (c) Mark Groeneveld

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