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September 25

The White Swan turns 50!


There is always something to celebrate on a Friday, simply due to the fact that the day slowly turns into weekend. However this Friday is a bit more special, exactly 50 years ago this former Volkskrant building opened its doors for the very first time.

Volkshotel has a rich past that deserves to be recognised. For 42 years it belonged to De Volkskrant – one of the biggest, most progressive Dutch newspapers.


Architect Kraaijvanger designed this building especially for De Volkskrant. Wanting the facade to look like an actual frontpage of a newspaper, he decided to make it black and white with over 1,5 million tiles symbolizing the average amount of figures in one newspaper.

As the building housed all steps of processing a newspaper, from writing to printing it, he wanted it to be open, optimistic and functional.

laatste avond zetterij

However falling tiles, icicles in the window and fungus caused the newspaper to move out. in 2007 hundreds of inspired minds found a place to work by squatting the building, the old canteen turned into a club and all together they created one of the biggest creative workspaces in Holland. Now after one year of Volkshotel we are still trying to keep the past 50 years and all the history as alive as possible.

Volkshotel exterior by Tina Farifteh

This building has always been a place where new ideas have been composed and thoughts have generated, we’re planning on keeping it this way for many years to come!

 opening 25-09-65

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