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September 14, 2018

True stories by illustrator Ted Parker #5


Illustrator Ted Parker came up with the idea to reconstruct true stories that take place in Volkshotel. So here it goes. Once upon a time, in a hotel far far away…

Run for cover…

Around 2 A.M. a man is spotted by our staff elevator. Not knowing what this seemingly lost person is doing there, our nightporter decides to come closer only to find out this wanderer is not wearing any clothing. Nothing at all. He says that he needs to go back to the second floor and this whole ‘incident’ will be one he could laugh about in the future. Trying to make things a bit easier for this night nudist, our nightporter decides to put him in one of our meeting rooms while looking for a sheet to cover up his manhood. Returning with a crispy clean bed sheet, he sees the man decided to wrap himself in one of our carpets.

We never really knew what happened that night and how this guest ended up alone and naked in our lobby but it surely made it a night we won’t forget any time soon.

Somebody needed to check his Google Calendar…

Lobby, 1:30 am. Our nightporter just managed to let all non-hotel guests out when two men walked by the reception and went downstairs to our basement, where our cocktailbar Doka is located. Not too much later they came back up asking: “When does Doka open?”. Our nightporter politely mentioned that Doka is closed on Wednesday nights. The bigger one of the late night duo shrugged and was okay with leaving, the smaller guy however was protesting: “I’m always here on Wednesdays” while penetrating our nightporters nostrils with alcohol drenched breath. Luckily there was more sense in the other man who said: “Come Tony, lets go”. And that’s when they disappeared in the night.

They always ask these questions…

Is the bar still open?

Is Doka open?

Is Doka not open?

Is Canvas closed?

Is there anything happening upstairs?

Is there anything happening downstairs?

Is there a party downstairs?

Is there a party upstairs?

Is there a party?

Is the restaurant still open?

Does the restaurant upstairs still serve food?

Do you sell cigars?

Illustrations by Ted Parker

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