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April 25

True stories by illustrator Ted Parker

Art & Cult

Illustrator Ted Parker came up with the idea to reconstruct true stories that take place in Volkshotel. So here it goes. Once upon a time, in a hotel far far away…

One time a sweet guest emailed us.

“Last august me and my boyfriend visited Amsterdam for the first time and stayed at Volkshotel. (…) I email because my boyfriends birthday is approaching and he is a massive Whitney Houston fan.
One of the details we first noticed and loved about our room was a Whitney Houston vinyl that was sat by the window, and ever since our trip his has constantly spoke about how much he loved that that was in our room.”

Ted Parker, volkshotel

One time a guest told us that the toilet paper felt more like sandpaper.

Ted Parker, volkshotel

One time a couple was having a very, very good time in one of the toilets at Canvas. 

Someone heard her say: “I’m so seduced by your hairy chest.”

Ted Parker, volkshotel

About Ted Parker
Talented illustrator at

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