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July 3

Volkshotel’s first birthday!


On Saturday 27 June we celebrated our first birthday… and what a party it was! We invited our best friends and dearest partners to come and celebrate with us. Events at Werkplaats, Canvas, Badplaats, Doka and even in some secret hotel rooms; you name it, we had it all! In case you missed it or you just want to relive some magical moments, here are a few pictures.

11698885_1235269059822352_6382239555611552118_o 10996091_1235269533155638_3692908167380290225_o IMG_1875 11540868_1235267523155839_8939652653740236313_o IMG_1751 10515192_1235268199822438_8039370968000088971_o 11696629_1235269693155622_6306485248883498213_o IMG_1989 10515192_1235268199822438_8039370968000088971_o 1932597_1235270646488860_3815879690370063059_o IMG_2126 11537918_1235271866488738_8844050796696979870_o

If you want to see more, go to our Facebook page.

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