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February 18

What’s behind these doors?


Not all doors in Volkshotel open for everyone. Curious what’s behind them? Take a guess.

Door #1


A. The studios of the creative minds at Broedplaats
B. The offices of Volkshotel
C. A secret tunnel to the bat cave

Door #2


A. The apartment of head of security Gert
B. A sexy lady waiting for someone to ring the bell
C. The nightly cocktail bar Doka

Door #3


A. A whole lot of nothing
B. A room where we keep bad guests
C. The stock of Volkspils

Door #4


A. The hidden Volkshotel Zoo
B. Thousands of toilet paper rolls
C. The staff elevator

Door #5


A. The headquarters of housekeeping
B. A dinosaur
C. The room where lost & found items are stored

Door #6


A. The dressing room of our mariachi band
B. Nuts, bolts and tough guys and gals
C. Puppies and kittens that creative coordinator Sabina saved





Door #1
Both A and B are correct. Unfortunately Batman doesn’t have his office here. Yet.

Door #2
The correct answer is C. This door opens Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 23:00 and closes again at 07:00.

Door #3
The correct answer is B. No, we’re joking. We’re not that kind of hotel. This door leads to the empty hoistway. So A. is correct.

Door #4
The correct answer is C. It would be great to own a zoo someday though.

Door #5
The correct answer is A. Mean clean machines that we call the housekeeping team.

Door #6
The correct answers is B. These tough technicians run around Volkshotel all day long to keep everything on track. Better than puppies and kittens.

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