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December 9

WinterParade x Volkshotel


From 22 till 30 December the WinterParade brings its colourful show to Amsterdam’s Zuiderkerk. Get treated on art, theatre and music, together with a delicious three-course dinner at a 120-meter long table.

The WinterParade offers a stage for a multiple programme with artists, actors, musicians and more, while guests are treated to a delicious three-course dinner. Chefs and waitresses will be climbing the tables and making unexpected appearances. After dinner, you can dance on the big table during the silent disco.

WinterParade package

This year, WinterParade is collaborating with Volkshotel to give guests the full Christmas treatment. After an evening full of fine foods, fun performances and sparkling drinks at the WinterParade, guests can end their festive night with a cozy sleepover at Volkshotel.

If that won’t make your bells jingle, we don’t know what will.

More info
Take a look at our WinterParade package.
Visit the WinterParade website to get in the mood.

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