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March 31

Albert’s tip: Art Plein Spui

Hotspots Hotspots

Each week our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week Albert, our upcoming IT expert, tips his favourite spot to hang out with friends: Artplein Spui in the city centre. Albert: “It’s the perfect place to chill on a sunny day.”

Artplein Spui is a public square that houses a few café’s, a bookstore or two, some green trees and a great relaxing vibe. Albert: “I always go there with my friend Abel, and we sit right in front of the Atheneum Bookstore. It’s the best spot because you have an overview of the complete square and if you sit there for a while you will really get to see all the faces of Amsterdam.”


On a sunny day the square is quite the spot for some relaxing, and reading a book or grabbing a quick bite to eat and hang out with friends. Albert spills that there is a great Indonesian take-away right around the corner, where you can combine 3 small dishes and take them with you. Good news for vintage lovers and bookworms: every Friday the square fills up with small stalls selling second hand books for a fair price.


Who’s Albert?
He’s quite a clever guy, knowing all about how to humanize computers, because next to being our upcoming IT genius he studies artificial intelligence at the Amsterdam University. Quite impressive – we think!

Albert Volkstip 2

Albert is always on point with his footwear and he also always makes sure to check out what shoes others are wearing, Albert: “You can tell quite a lot about people, by only judging what’s on their feet.”


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