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January 14

Augustina’s tip: OT301


Each week, our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week Augustina from our hard working Canvas team, tips her favourite place to get some urban experiences: OT301, in Amsterdam West. Auga: “It’s really something different.”

OT301 is the place to go, to get your weekly dose of culture. Their weekends are filled with good parties, and their studios are filled with creatives giving exciting workshops. Learn to dance the samba, view a cult movie for just just €3 or meet an eclectic artist that lives there. Augustina: “I take jewelry classes here, taught by a really nice woman. The cool thing about OT301 is that really everyone is welcome.”


OT301 is an artist collective that started as a group of squatters back in 1999. After becoming legal, it has grown to be an experimental platform for young artists and cultural entrepreneurs. Curious about how the artistic crowd of Amsterdam looks? Then this is the place to start looking for them. 


Augustina: “It still feels a bit like a squat, it’s very underground. You can just walk in at any time, and there will be someone doing something creative and cool.” 

Who’s Augustina?
Augustina(28) a.k.a Auga, is working as one of our early birds in Canvas, flown in all the way from Lithuania. Apart from that, she is also a very visual and artistic girl, with a sense of style that anyone could be envious of!

DSC_0749You could call her a bit of a “modern day gypsy”, having lived in many different countries over the past few years. Auga: “I really like to go places and experience their different cultures closely. However, I do think I will stay in Amsterdam for some time. It’s a really nice place and I’m starting to get the hang of Dutch.”

Overtoom 301

How to get there from Volkshotel


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