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November 8, 2016

Boas’ tip: De Biertuin


Our inside volk loves to give away tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This month Boas shares his favourite place to grab a beer: De Biertuin. Boas: ”Not only because I love to try and drink different sorts of beer, but mainly because the atmosphere in this bar is just great.”

11248247_842985932423747_2127825407732016785_nDe Biertuin is situated on a beautiful location in the eastern part of Amsterdam, opposite from Oosterpark and the Tropenmuseum. At De Biertuin you can find a variable range of beers as well as different main courses, including tasteful burgers, salads and on-the-spot roasted chicken. Boas: ”While enjoying good music and meeting nice people, you can try more than 80 different beers! I always go there to relax or meet friends and have a good chat.”

735517-restaurants-design-et-contemporain-de-biertuin-amenagement-sur-mesure-d-unBoas discovered De Biertuin three years ago as his good friends had told him about the place. He was curious, so he went. Initially not even for the beers, because he wasn’t really into that yet. ”I do remember that I was impressed by the extensive beer menu, but somehow I just ordered a regular beer. I definitely felt a bit embarrassed about this. I honestly had no understanding of the differences so I figured this was the best thing to do.” Ever since Boas discovered this spot, it’s been his favourite. You can find him here on a weekly basis.

Who’s Boas?
Boas has been part of Volkshotel from the beginning. A month before the opening he even did a little construction work inside the rooms. After all the painting and sanding, he started working behind the bar at Werkplaats. At one point he even brought his record collection into Werkplaats and had his DJ-debut. You could say that he has experienced Volkshotel in every way possible.


Slowly he’s leaving the bar behind, as he started his internship organizing events. After seeing all sides of the hotel, he knows the best recipe for success.

De Biertuin
Linnaeusstraat 29
1093 EE, Amsterdam

egidius-bink-ams-oostcentrum-mapAmsterdam Oost map
Find more hotspots like this on our Amsterdam Oost map. A local guide to adventure. Illustrated by Broedplaats artist Egidius Bink and available for all of our hotel guests.

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