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February 2

Boekalicious – Bookstore bakery


Why go to Dam Square, when you have Amsterdam East at your feet? The Eastern district is full of hidden treasures. Get on your bike, cycle around and see what our neighbours have to offer. For the book worms amongst us, Boekalicious is definitely a place to visit. Drink a coffee read a book, tickle your tastebuds and eat some cake.

One of the best thing about going on holiday is that you’ll finally get the chance to read a book, right? Well… when you go on a relaxing beach vacation, that’s definitely the case but on a citytrip people are always on the hunt for authentic cafés and local spots. Well here is the perfect chance to combine the two: a local bookstore bakery named Boekalicious. 


Boekalicious is a concept run by the publisher for Orlando, book addict, and foodie, Jacqueline Smit. Open only in the morning and early afternoon, it’s the perfect place to start your day with some warm bread and intense reading. A definite plus is that the coffee is locally roasted in Amsterdam by Catch Coffee Roasters. We love that Jacqueline supports the local initiatives. 


Galileïplantsoen 94
1098 NC Amsterdam

How to get there from Volkshotel
Take the metro 53 or 54 in the opposite direction (not to Central Station). Get off at Amstel station, and hop on bus 65, get comfy in the bus until you hit the “Radioweg”. Hop off at that stop and walk straight for a minute or so, and Boekalicious will be right in front of you.

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