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April 11

Boudewijn’s tip: Broodje Daan


Each week our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week our always hilarious illustrator, Boudewijn tips us a place where you can score real down to earth Dutch sandwiches. Boudewijn: “They have in no way made a fuss about being a hip sandwich bar, they’re just their charming self – and I love it.”


With a Comic Sans window logo, plain sandwiches for under a euro, wise quotes on the wall and true regulars coming back every day, this is probably the most traditional Amsterdam sandwich bar that you will ever come across. Boudewijn: “I have never been in a café where you can just buy a plain peanut butter sandwich with no gimmicks.” The women serving you will be a sight on it’s own, with their strong Amsterdam dialects and way of being.


Back in the day when Boudewijn was still working from his apartment, he was often down by Broodje Daan to get some lunch. Each day they have different specials that are given women’s names. Boudewijn: “Their sandwiches are named things like “broodje Astrid” and “broodje Samantha”, it’s so funny.”   

Skærmbillede 2016-02-25 kl. 13.50.07

Who is Boudewijn?
Most people only know this handsome fellah as “Hans de Tekenmongool”. It’s also under this name that he’s our extremely funny freelance illustrator, being the face behind the Lorenzo robot cups in all hotel rooms, the new multifunctional bags in our shop, last years Christmas cards and much more.


Boudewijn has been making Volkshotel laugh with his dry wit, after he drew a poster for the opening day and won a sleepover with 3 of his friends (which rumors say was quite a legendary night). 

Broodje Daan
Jan van Galenstraat 219
1056BW, Amsterdam

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