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August 27, 2018

Canvas resident DJ Roman Coşkun’s top spots


Roman Coşkun, co-founder of Late Night Burners and Canvas resident DJ tips his favorite Amsterdam hotspots.

1. Tolbar

“This cosy bar is owned by a good friend of mine which is already a good reason for me to become a regular, but it deserves a visit anyway. It’s honest, laid-back, and they have a ton of good beers, freshly cooked lunch and dinner and an amazing crew. Check out their adjoined Cinetol space, where they host all kinds of quirky cultural events. I love it!”

Tolstraat 182

2. Bordello a Parigi

“A great little record store located on the Zeedijk (Red Light District). They have a tightly curated selection of House, Techno, Italo, Synth Pop, and other left field electronic music. Besides that the crew  is a lot of fun and always willing to help. They handle the distribution of our label Late Night Burners, and they’re absolute gentlemen.”

Oudezijds Kolk 71

3. Sterk Amsterdam

“This night shop is partly a very functional supermarket and partly a cabinet of curiosities. They stock hundreds upon hundreds of different imported beers, chocolates, sodas, wines, liquors, and snacks. It’s quite central and open until 1 AM during the week days and 3 AM in the weekends, so you’ll always find an excuse to go.”

De Clercqstraat 7

4. Sonny’s Falafel

“Since becoming a certified falafel connoisseur I have been craving for the best of the best, and I think I’ve found it. Sonny’s Falafel is a little snack bar in the middle of De Pijp, and if you don’t about its insane falafel you might walk right past it. A daily fresh salad bar, homemade falafel, and amazing fries. Pro tip: make sure to get the Belgian mayonnaise to go with them! Perfect for while strolling the Albert Cuyp market.”

Eerste van der Helststraat 43

5. The English Hatter

“Sartorial gentlepeople beware: if you’re looking to get the most elegant of outfits, make sure to pay The English Hatter a visit. This is the place to be for cardigans, cufflinks, canes, handmade Italian hats, and classic English trench coats. Very recommended for fans of Peaky Blinders. I come here once in a while for my headwear and I never fail to destroy my bank account.”

Heiligeweg 40

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