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June 3, 2019

Charlotte’s tip: Vuurtoreneiland


Our inside volk loves to give tips on there to go in Amsterdam. This time Charlotte from Reception and Reservations gives her very special restaurant tip.

“To call Vuurtoreneiland a restaurant really is an understatement. This eatery is on an tiny island  and visiting it is almost like a mini-vacation”, says Charlotte when asked for her ultimate tip. Making a reservation is always quite a hassle, you can only reserve a table 2 months ahead. “But trust me, it’s worth marking your calendar for”. The restaurant is only accessible by an hour-long boat ride (which you book along with your table) and before having a seat at the dinner table all guests get a tour around the tiny island. “I love hearing about how the island is set up as a nature preserve, the people who work there are well aware of their environmental impact.”

The island has no electricity or running water, food is cooked using old-school methods like fire and wood. “You really adjust to the islands rules and manners. For example: glasses aren’t changed between courses to save water and everyone understands. You really see that everyone is so happy to be there, from guests to staff, it’s really something special”, Charlotte explains. “Oh and you’d almost forget, but the actual food is delicious too. I went to Vuurtoreneiland with my boyfriend and we fell in love all over again. It’s so romantic!”.

Who is Charlotte?

Charlotte and her smiley sunny face have been working at our reception for two and a half years now. When she returned from her travels through Central-America in 2016, she didn’t want to start a 9 to 5 job right away. So her friend suggested to come work at Volkshotel for a couple of months. “And I’m still here!”. Nowadays Charlotte is our Assistant Manager Receptions and Reservations. “That’s quite a mouthful but it basically means you have a big chance of seeing my face around the lobby of Volkshotel.”

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