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April 5

De Dappermarkt


Why go to Dam Square, when you have Amsterdam East at your feet? The Eastern district is full of hidden treasures. Get on your bike, cycle around and see what our neighbours have to offer. Who doesn’t like the local feeling of a downtown market? Endless stalls, beautiful colors and just the kind of idyllic feeling to it, all together.

In Holland the market culture is quite common and in Amsterdam East we’ve got one that most definitely blings out of the crowd, the Dappermarkt. Being given the title of best Dutch market in 2006 & 7.


Walking over the market you’ll see a world of cultures and colors. Because it’s an international market, you’ll not only find the classic Amsterdam farmer selling fresh goods, but also beautiful African fabrics, Vietnamese spring rolls, real Belgian fries and much more. Anyone from anywhere can wander over the market, have a snack, chat with a farmer and feel the local vibe.


1093 BS, Amsterdam

How to get there from Volkshotel
Rent a bike at Reception and feel like a local! Or take tram 7 towards “Flevopark” by the Oosterpark, sit for a minute or two and get of at the stop named “Dapperstraat”. The market will be right in front of the stop.

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