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January 19

Instock – food rescue


Why go to Dam Square, when you have Amsterdam East at your feet? The Eastern district is full of hidden treasures. Get on your bike, cycle around and see what our neighbours have to offer. Instock restaurant is a must go for the environment conscious traveler, or just the regular foodie. It’s definitely a gem on the hip Czaar Peterstraat.


Instock is one of those places, that’s not just a regular good restaurant – it is a place with a story and a goal. The founders of Instock have one thing in common, they don’t like to waste food. Their mission is to make people more conscious about daily food waste & prevent good ingredients from being thrown out, by creatively using them in their restaurant. 


Every morning, they get in their electrical mini bus and cruise around Amsterdam to pick up leftovers from the butcher, things that are about to expire, ugly pieces of fish, food in damaged containers and so on. All goods are still completely fine and live up to their requirements, they simply can’t be sold anymore, and this way Instock prevents it from being thrown out. 


The menu depends on what the kitchen got from the minibus that morning. So no hard choices, all you have to do is sit down and let yourself be surprised by the creativity of the chefs. 


P.S. Their stylish interior is done by Mira ter Braak, one of our tenants in Broedplaats VKG! Check out her work:

Czaar Peterstraat 21
1018 NW, Amsterdam

photo 1, bar ©tessted
photo 2&4, bus & food  ©degroenemeisjes

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