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December 23, 2015

Lizzie’s tip: G’s Brunchboat


Each week our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week Lizzie, our creative genius, tips a place that has the complete package: a boat ride and eggs benedict worth killing for. Lizzie: “This place is just perfect, because you get to see the city from the water, while eating.”, and if there is something Lizzie loves… it sure is eating brunch.

Skærmbillede 2015-12-23 kl. 10.59.52

G’s Brunchboat is just what their name says it is: brunch on a boat. Sailing around the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam, G’s provides you with delicious meals and tasty bloodymary’s. Lizzie is a true fan of the concept and has been 3 times already, “It’s perfect when I have friends over from London, because we can skip the canal tour and do it in this cosy way instead. Also I love brunch, it’s such a genius concept.” 


Lizzie discovered the place after she had gone to their permanent location, also named G’s, in the Jordaan a few times. They serve a wider range of brunch menu’s than on the boat and have really friendly, good looking staff, that all have a not-so-secret fetish for brunch, just like Lizzie: “Brunch is at this perfect in between time of the day, you can sleep in, and still spend hours just being sat eating and be completely full for the rest of the day.” Hearing her talk about their eggs benedict will most definitely make you quite hungry. 


In good and warm weather, the roof is partly removed so you can enjoy the sunshine while sailing around. Lizzie however does tip us, that it’s not a good idea to go on this ride with to big of a hangover, you will most likely get really “sea sick”.

Who’s Lizzie?
Lizzie is a real caring, bubbly “hugger”, always genuinely interested in the lives of her colleagues. Apart from this she’s also our creative illustrator and communicator from London, that has been here from the start. All the quirky signs and messages hidden around the hotel and the small surprises in the rooms, are the work of this girl.


When moving here, it was really her intention to stay for 2 weeks only, but Amsterdam managed to win over her heart with its biking culture and laid back attitude. Lizzie: “Amsterdam has this perfect work/play balance that makes living here really exciting and nice, and it’s so great that you can bike everywhere at all times and in all types of weather.”

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