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January 29, 2016

London’s tip: Warung Spang Makandra


Each week, our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week London, the master of our kitchen in Werkplaats, tips us an authentic Javanic Surinam diner. “You can taste the chef’s love in his food! Soso lobi for food!” (red. only love for food)

Warung Spang Makandra opened in 1978, serving up delicious plates of typical Surinamese & Javanese food, and now – 38 years later – it still does with the same high quality. London: “It’s so dope, that a place can exist for that long, and still have the same crazy good quality. Everytime I eat there, I get this complete Caribic feeling, and focus 100% on the food.” 


Warung Spang Makandra and London go way back. All the way to when London was just a small, cheeky boy. As a tradition, he would go there with his parents after finishing their weekly grocery shopping at the Albert Cuyp Market. London: “It was the best part of the shopping, I always chose to have the saoto soup and a baked banana. I still choose it actually, even though their nasi goreng is also pretty tight.” 

Skærmbillede 2016-01-19 kl. 14.22.37

If you end up being really inspires by their flavors.. you should tell the staff and if you ask them very politely, they might just give you the recipe. London: “It takes just 1 second to go to the market where you can buy all ingredients completely fresh.”

warang spang makandra

Who’s London?
Swag doesn’t even begin to cover what London (41) is all about. Apart from being the big boss in our Werkplaats kitchen, he is also Volkshotel’s table tennis champion. So far no one has had the skills to beat him, maybe this is caused by his sick ability to concentrate, which he gained through endless hours of yoga. 


Recently having moved to Rotterdam, it’s important to mention that London is really a born and raised Southeast Amsterdam boy from the hood, that has the greatest love for food and relaxing. 

Warung Spang Makandra
Gerard Doustraat 39

How to get there from Volkshotel
This place is very close, just walk to the tram stop by the Albert Heijn. Take tram 3 towards Zoutkeetsgracht. Get of at Ferdinand Bolstraat, and walk right in the crossroad, keep walking straight till you hit the Gerard Doustraat, where Warung Spang Makandra will be at your left hand.

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