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April 24, 2017

Lyke’s tip: Nobody Has To Know


Our inside volk loves to give away tips on where to go in Amsterdam. If you’re looking for a cool and different clothing store, Lyke’s got just the place for you. “This place lets you wear clothing in which you feel most YOU. Despite gender, size or age.”

Nobody has to know, volkshotel, amsterdam, hotspots

Nobody Has To Know offers a wide range of clothing, accessories and cool stuff for your home. Everything is selected regardless of physique, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, colour, status or religion. The philosophy behind the concept is a more tolerant and open-minded society where love, respect and acceptance for everyone’s differences are self-evident. Lyke lives nearby and visits the store at least once a week. “I always buy my clothes here. Every time I drop by, there’s something that catches my eye.”

Nobody has to know, volkshotel, amsterdam, hotspots

Lyke’s sisters both worked here and they’re all friends with the two shop owners Hannah and Jiske. You could even say it’s becoming a family affair, because a lot of members of Lyke’s family modelled for Nobody Has To Know photos. Including Lyke’s 90 year-old grandma.

Nobody has to know, volkshotel, amsterdam, hotspots

Lyke: “In the weekend they often have fun events with drinks, DJ’s and nice offers. Besides cool stuff they also offer great service and advice. These girls are passionate about their concept and that really shows in everything they do.”

Who’s Lyke?
Werkplaats has been Lyke’s domain for about 1,5 years now. She has her own cozy studio in the middle of the city centre at Herengracht. A while ago she was quite active with her photography hobby and she’s getting back into it at the moment.

volkshotel, lyke

Being a potato chips addict, Lyke finds it difficult to stop eating before the bag is empty. Same with her other addiction: dancing. Lyke doesn’t leave the dance floor till the party stops. You could say that she’s pretty persistent in her passion.

Nobody Has To Know
Keizersgracht 469
1017 DK  Amsterdam
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