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October 1

Maikel’s tip: Westertoren


We ask our Volk to share one of their favourite Amsterdam spots. This week, our all round helper Maikel Strok shares his tip for some architecture and peace: Westerkerk, Amsterdam Centre. Maikel: “As soon as you step inside, you instantly feel relaxed”.

Rich in architecture and history, the Westertoren (‘Wester Tower’) was built almost 400 years ago and remains the largest Protestant church in Holland. You might recognise the tower, iconic to Amsterdam postcards and renowned because of its church bells. These are the exact same bells Anne Frank used to listen to and write about in her diary. Next to it’s historical and architectural value, it might even be worth a visit because of the grave of Rembrandt van Ryn, burried in the church.


Our religious Maikel claims that this is the nicest church in Amsterdam, due to its intricate details and character: “It’s so much nicer than newer churches; a lot more thought has gone into the building. It’s a really good place to go and visit – as soon as you step inside, you instantly feel relaxed”.


Who’s Maikel?
Maikel (50) has been a part of the building for 3 years, previously working for the residence of the Broedplaats. He does anything from maintenance to security and admin, our man for everything, “I like filling in the gaps, it’s like… ‘Hey Mike, can you fix this?’ and then people can carry on with what they need to.”


Our relaxed and easygoing Maikel believes that “you don’t need to be rich to enjoy life”.

Prinsengracht 281
1016 GW Amsterdam
020 624 7766

The Westerkerk is open to the public on weekdays between 10.00 and 15.00 (on Sundays: open for services only from 10.30-11.45).

How to get there from Volkshotel
Take the Metro (51, 53, 54) to Waterlooplein. Take Tram 14 (direction Slotermeer) and get off at Westerkerk

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