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August 10, 2017

Martijn’s tip: Timboektoe


Our inside volk loves to give away tips on where to go. This month Martijn shares his favourite spot. Not in Amsterdam, but worth traveling a bit further for. Especially if you’re into surfing. His favourite hangout is Timboektoe, a beach spot in Wijk Aan Zee. Martijn: “Timboektoe is not that crowded as the usual beach hotspots in Holland.”


Timboektoe is a casual and relaxed beach spot. They serve a variety of sustainable and local products. Martijn: “The self service bar makes the place lively and I love the interior of the place.”

Martijn describes Timboektoe as ‘two faced’. On one side you see the beach and the sea. On the other side you see the chimneys of the industry of IJmuiden. It sounds a bit weird but the contrast makes it great. It’s the ultimate get-a-way for Martijn to escape the city. You’ll meet the most amazing people and find the best waves to surf in Holland. Timboektoe is open all year long.

Lotte-de-Graaf-9-750x450 Lotte-de-Graaf-5-750x450

For those how are into surfing the best time to visit is during autumn and winter. It’s not only a good place for surfing, but you can also enjoy any type of watersport activities.

In the summer they organise a lot. In the weekend they invite bands from all over the world to play at Timboektoe. The so called ‘Noordpier sessions’ are crowded with a lot of relaxed and friendly people who enjoyed their day at the beach. Martijn: “Those summer nights are legendary.”

Who’s Martijn

Martijn's Hotspot

You can find Martijn at Werkplaats, the lobby bar or running around the hotel for events. On Sunday you can find him quite often as our lifeguard at Badplaats. The past eight years Martijn travelled around the world. He visited South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador and Sri Lanka. He also lived for a longer period in Saint Martin. While he traveled all over the world, he fell in love with surfing. So it’s safe to say that he knows the best beach spots in Holland.

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