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January 22

Nick’s tip: STOUT!


Each week, our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. Today Nick, one of the talented chefs in Canvas’ kitchen, tips us a place that serves some cheeky dishes: Stout. Nick: “The location, the food, the people… I like everything about this place.”


It’s all in the name really… ‘Stout’ means naughty, bold and daring in Dutch, which is exactly what this place is. Nick: “They serve some cheeky platters, offering a wide range of flavors. Apart from those platters, I would definitely also recommend the ‘Cote du Boeuf’, it’s so delicious.”


Nick lives just around the corner from Stout, resulting in him visiting them quite frequently. Nick: “I used to work there, before I started at Canvas, so I often pop by for a coffee or a lunch. You can spend hours just watching all the different types of people walking by. It’s a neighbourhood where everything from rich & extravagant people, homeless vagabonds and junkies walk side by side. I like this contrast and acceptance.” 


Who’s Nick?
Nick is one of our talented chefs in Canvas. This charming Dutch fellow has been with us from the start, working hard to feed our guests’ hungry bellies every day.


Having traveled for a whole year (!) in South East Asia, he has brought a lot of their flavors back home and interpreted them in his own recipies. Nick: “My passion for cooking really grew during that trip. Especially their fish.. cooking-wise, you can do beautiful things with that animal.”

Haarlemmerstraat 73
1013 EL, Amsterdam

How to get there from Volkshotel
Hire a bike at reception, or take the metro to central station and walk for about 5 minutes until you hit the cozy Haarlemmerstraat, where you will eventually bump into STOUT!

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