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July 16, 2018

Night mayor Shamiro van der Geld’s top spots


As the night mayor of Amsterdam – who acts as a representative for the city’s nightlife scene – Shamiro is well aware of Amsterdam’s best hidden gems. Here are his favorite hotspots in the city.

1. Latei (Zeedijk)

“Great lunch spot. From young (hip) students to elderly newspaper readers and tourists, all shapes and sizes can be found at Latei. Next to being a lunchroom, everything in the place is for sale too. Ask for sandwich ‘Tjeu’, an off-menu speciality.”

Zeedijk 143

2. Klaproos Amsterdam

“Low-key pizza place not too far from the NDSM wharf in the North of Amsterdam. You won’t find pizza’s like this anywhere else.”

Papaverweg 38

3. Sexyland (NDSM)

“Open 365 days a year. For just 60 euros you can be the owner of this place for one day. This is a true Amsterdam spot and every single day is completely different; exhibitions, boxing matches, music, Dutch championships rock paper scissors,  anything is possible!”

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39

4. Tropische Winkel Rustem 1 

“Behind the fish stall on the famous Albert Cuyp street market you will find a tropical store. From spices to hair products, from incense to dried fruits, you can find it here! The shop owners are two true ‘Amsterdammers’ and will treat you like one of their own children. They will advise you on every tropical cooking quest you’re on and if you’re lucky, you might get some extra’s to try. Feel like having a snack? I highly recommend trying ‘zuurgoed’ or the Surinam blood sausage.”

Albert Cuyp 142

5. Sterk

“It’s not that you can find me here on a daily basis, but every single time I’m completely amazed what this store has to offer. Amsterdam needs more stores like these, where you can do your midnight shopping. No gas station or snackbar, just a proper supermarket. Why don’t we have an ‘Albert Heijn by night’ (referring to our biggest supermarket chain)?”

De Clerqstraat 7

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