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December 23, 2015

Outsider’s guide: Club scenes


BY VINCENT REINDERS – As you might have read in my previous blog, I was in Los Angeles last month during “Red Bull’s 30 Days In LA”. On this trip it became clearer than ever, how blessed we are with our nightlife in Amsterdam. LA is an amazing vibrant city, with great mountains and even an ocean too! Being eight times bigger than our little Dutch capital, fans of electronic music still struggle to find good parties, with decent DJs.


Sweaty warehouse parties
Hip hop is what it’s all about in California. Big electronic music nights only happen at tacky places with VIP tables and a posh crowd. Clubs can’t serve drinks after 2AM and everything shuts down at 3AM, which was a big surprise to me. When good DJs are in town they often avoid these venues and play at sweaty illegal parties in warehouses. To get into these parties you have to know someone or call a secret number, to get the address. I visited one of those  small events, where Amsterdam’s techno legend Steve Rachmad was playing for a crowd of hundred. Not the typical club setting we’re used to.

Lucky / Unlucky 
In Amsterdam we’re used to choosing between at least five great parties every weekend and we’ve got at least fifteen decent venues where you can dance until 5AM. At the moment they are massively closing down good electronic clubs in London, because pubs have started playing music, stay open longer and have no entrance fee.
 I’m happy this is not happening in Amsterdam. Even though I did come back to the sad news that Studio 80 has been sold, but I‘m sure team Disco Dolly will be able to make the new club a success.


When one club closes, another one always opens. A week after I got the sad news about Studio 80.. I heard the good news about the old boys from Trouw. They’ve announced the opening date of  their new club “De School”, along with a solid programme. With a maximum capacity of 500 and an interested audience of at least ten thousand, it will definitely become a hassle to visit the place frequently, but that’s a luxury problem I guess.

About Vincent
Vincent Reinders (31) is founder and creative director of music discovery platform 22tracks . He is born and raised in Amsterdam, he grew up in Gein – the multicultural south east of Amsterdam. In his blogs, Vincent cherry-picks club nights, festivals, music releases and music videos. Just like his 22tracks platform online, he will cover the overlooked and underrated instead of the obvious and popular.

Vincent Reinders - Krijn

Last chance to dance
Grab your last chance to feel the real studio 80 vibe, on their closing club night.  With DJ’s such as Andy Butler imported from the US and local legends, Mayo, Lupe, Titia en Victor Coral, it promises to be a good all nighter.

Studio 80
Rembrandtplein 17, Amsterdam
01.01.16 – end | tickets: €17,50

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