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October 2

Outsider’s Guide: Craft Beer


BY SAMUEL LEVIE – Gin & tonics may be popular, but beer is definitely still the number one drink in any Amsterdam bar. Holland is known for world leading beer brands as Amstel and Heineken, but over the past few years Amsterdam’s beer culture has changed quite a bit in a very interesting way.

Microbreweries are popping up everywhere, offering some refreshingly new experiences. A striking difference between beer brewed by the big guys and locally brewed beer is the wide range of flavours offered by independent brewers. A typical glass of Heineken is as fresh and basic as a soda pop. However, the craft beers are full off bitters or sours that tickle your senses. Ingredients such as fresh fruits, different kinds of hop, ginger and herbs aren’t uncommon in locally brewed beers!


Craft Beer Bars
Amsterdam bars are really starting to get a taste for this new trend! A bunch of of specialised beer bars have recently opened their doors around town, serving a rich variety of micro-brewed beers. Some of these bars have definitely understood the concept and are certainly worth a visit during your stay in Amsterdam. Brouwerij ‘t IJ is doing it all: this leading local brewery brews and serves their beers in a beautiful old mill right by a branch of the IJ-river in Amsterdam East
. Bar Brouw sells beers from all over the world, has a nice atmosphere and, as the cherry on top, serves delicious slow-roasted meat. 


If you want to taste Amsterdam, why not start with a local beer? 

Some microbreweries to check out
De Prael 
Oedipus brewing
De Vriendschap
Butcher’s Tears

Brouwerij t’IJ
Funenkade 7
1018AL Amsterdam

Bar Brouw
Beukenplein 17
1091KH Amsterdam

About Samuel Levie
Samuel Levie (32) cares about food, in every possible way. This Oxford-born Amsterdammer is the founder of Youth Food Movement, owns the creative agency Food Cabinet, initiated Damn Food Waste and produces sausages under the name Brandt & Levie. Next to that, he writes about food for local newspaper Parool and Jamie Oliver Magazine.


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