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September 2

Outsider’s guide: Eastside is food heaven

Hotspots Hotspots

BY SAMUEL LEVIE – There are many reasons that I am a very happy citizen of Eastside Amsterdam. I love going for strolls in the Oosterpark, visit a movie in Kriterion or hop on the bike, cross the two Schellingwoude bridges and go for a ride along the small villages north of Amsterdam. But as a food lover Amsterdam East is also becoming more and more interesting.

The Pretoriusstraat is heaven when it comes to interesting food shopping. It has a great fish shop Gibraltar where you can buy fresh fish but also stop by for some fried fish. There is Helal et Gida that is my favourite Turkish supermarket which has great fruit and vegetables. And there are some new shops like Olives and More who sell the best olives in town. Across the road there is Thull’s. A fantastic spot for the fermented good stuff and pickles.


Country houses & classrooms
Two of my favourite restaurants in East are on walking distance from the Volkshotel. My mate Geert Burema is chef at restaurant Merkelbach, one of the most beautiful restaurants in town. He works with local produce to serve creative dishes in an old and beautiful country house, which has the most beautiful terrace in town. And then there is Rijsel. This is an old classroom where my mates Pieter en Iwan do some of the best chicken from the rotisserie and other classics.


A young and vibrant crowd meets here every evening from Monday to Friday for good food and great wines. So when you are staying in East you better take some time to explore the food scene.


Gibraltar // Halal Et Gida // Olives and More // Thulls
all at Pretoriusstraat – Amsterdam
Middenweg 72 – Amsterdam
Marcusstraat 52 – Amsterdam

About Samuel Levie
Samuel Levie (32) cares about food, in every possible way. This born in Oxford and raised Amsterdammer is the founder of Youth Food Movement, owns his creative agency Food Cabinet, initiated Damn Food Waste and produces sausages under the name Brandt & Levie. Next to that he writes about food in local newspaper Parool and for Jamie Oliver Magazine.


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