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February 10

Outsider’s guide: Fashion Library

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BY SUZANNE SMULDERS – I love to travel and discover new places all the time. Prepping my trip, reading city guides and checking the weather forecast feels like almost a ritual to me. But then the most difficult part starts… packing. Mixing and matching to be set for long strolls around the city, and quickly changing to a fancy outfit for a night filled with dancing, without exceeding the weight limit that is of course – what a challenge! In these cases a fashion library would be the perfect solution, and good news: in Amsterdam there is just that, it’s named LENA the fashion library!


Your walk-in holiday closet
At LENA the Fashion Library you can borrow clothes – how cool is that? Wrong outfit choices can easily be fixed by popping by the 150m2 walk-in closet on the Westerstraat in the Jordaan area. Pick a funky outfit just for the night or choose to keep it for a few days. If you end up really falling in love with an item you’re lucky; it’s also possible to buy the clothes in the library. 


The library consists of the finest vintage pieces, combined with modern timeless labels and Dutch design talents waiting to be discovered! 


Sharing matters
There are 4 girls behind this so called library, all of them hoping to make a change in the constant growing fast-fashion industry. Together they wondered: what’s fashion really about? They figured fashion is about craftsmanship, style and quality, which is why they created LENA. This way everybody has the opportunity to look awesome without destroying their budget and having a bulging wardrobe.


About Suzanne
Suzanne Smulders (30) recently started LENA the fashion library, a place where you can borrow a great selection of vintage clothing and local designers. For Volkshotel she writes about fashion. Things that are new, things that are different, things that are a must see… and things that just caught her eye.

Suzanne Smulders

Lena the Fashion Library
Westerstraat 174H
1015 MP, Amsterdam


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