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October 30, 2015

Outsider’s guide: Fermented Good Stuff


BY SAMUEL LEVIE – Over the last few months I’ve been cycling past a new shop on the Pretoriusstraat in Amsterdam East. Passing by you might wonder: “Is it a lunchroom? A coffeebar? Or maybe it’s a deli?” Well Thulls is all that, and a lot more. A place that you shouldn’t visit if you are hysterically afraid of bacteria and moulds. But then again you should realise you are missing out big time. Thulls is fermentation heaven.

Embrace bacteria
When I was a kid, I used to be afraid of everything that smelt or looked like mould. My dad would sometimes scrape some fluffiness of a pot of jam and I would shout at him that he was the grossest person I had ever seen. He would smile at me and scoop a whole big spoon of jam into his yoghurt. I think I’m from a generation who has grown up being afraid of bacteria
. Soap needs to be antibacterial and we can’t get enough of all the disinfecting chemicals.


But you know what? We tend to forget all the good stuff bacteria, yeasts and moulds do for us. They are responsible for a lot of good food. Chocolate, beer, cheese and salami are all products that are processed with interference of micro life!

Skærmbillede 2015-10-30 kl. 11.19.37
Just do it

Currently, a lot of scientists say that these microbes are also essential for our health. The Amsterdam zoo, Artis, has a great museum 
Micropia where you can learn everything about Microbes and what they do for us. So don’t be afraid of what you can’t see, step inside Thull’s for a sandwich with some ferments or have a sip of kombucha or kefir.

Pretoriusstraat 69
1092 GB Amsterdam
//Monday to Friday 11:00-19:00
// Saturday 11:00-18:00

About Samuel Levie
Samuel Levie (32) cares about food, in every possible way. This Oxford-born Amsterdammer is the founder of Youth Food Movement, owns the creative agency Food Cabinet, initiated Damn Food Waste and produces sausages under the name Brandt & Levie. Next to that, he writes about food for local newspaper Parool and Jamie Oliver Magazine.




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