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December 14

Outsider’s Guide: I Love Vintage

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BY SUZANNE SMULDERS – When saying ‘I love vintage’, I’m not only giving you a fair hint of whats in my own closet, but I’m also referring to the amazing vintage inspired store that goes by the same name. Do you like the 20’s, 50’s and 60’s? Then this shop is a must visit for you! They have a great collection of newly made brands, inspired by just these former decades. Time to get lost in the Mad Men era.


Feminine & sexy
Every woman looks good when she is dressed in a way that compliments her body and character, right? That is the motto of Faranak, founder of “I Love Vintage” (ILV), she believes that the right outfit has the power to make you feel sexy. In 2013 she translated this vision into her own sustainable label: Bannou. Her label combines femininity with high quality fashion, made with care for the environment and for a fair price. And believe me, the sexy pencil skirts, high waisted trousers and glamorous transparent 50’s dresses are spot on sexy.


A family story
Faranak’s obsession with vintage started in 2004 when she turned collecting the most beautiful old treasures into a national sport. When the obsession got out of hand, she decided to open the first ILV store together with her brother. Originally they started off selling only original vintage items, but throughout the years they’ve been adding more and more new brands to their collection, including her own.


The good news is that there are two “I Love Vintage” stores in Amsterdam! Both of them breathing the fabulous atmosphere and ILV touch, with occasional live sowing and photo shoots.

I Love Vintage
Prinsengracht 201
Haarlemmerstraat 25

About Suzanne
Suzanne Smulders (30) recently started LENA the fashion library, a place where you can borrow a great selection of vintage clothing and local designers. For Volkshotel she writes about fashion. Things that are new, things that are different, things that are a must see… and things that just caught her eye.

Suzanne Smulders

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