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October 7, 2015

Outsider’s Guide: Installation Art


BY EMMELIE KOSTER – Learn about the paramaters of paradise in the Jordaan, or spend a disconnected 24 hours in a womb-like space and purchase an artist’s DNA in secret installations during the biennial “Kunst aan de Schinkel” intervention in one of Amsterdam’s most charming areas.

The art route “Kunst aan de Schinkel” (KadS) opened last week and is definitely worth spending a day exploring. Eleven artists created site-specific works for hidden places in the Schinkel area that in itself boasts a rugged charm. De Schinkel was historically developed around railway activities for coal trains. Big warehouses were set up to store coal, which have by now been repurposed to host craftsmen, artists and some shops. A characteristic area in and by itself, and now even more interesting because of the installations KadS invites you to discover. 

170937Hidden Installations
Some of the installations are in the public space, some require more effort to experience as you may need a guide to get to the right place. For example the space by Théophile de Bock bridge, transformed into a womb-like monastery by Emmeline de Mooij. In need of a little peace and quiet? Care to connect with your inner child? Consider applying for the free 24 hour retreat that is offered. You may also just visit for a brief moment, but in any case pass by office of the organizing foundation Soledad Senlle to get a guide.

A visit to the office of the organising foundation is also recommended because Dutch artist Jeroen van Loon displays his DNA data there as a part of his art project An investigation about the value of extremely private information, the 380GB DNA profile is also for sale in an online auction. 

170276Parameters of Paradise
Another exhibition you shouldn’t miss is “Language in Paradise” at Kers Gallery in the Jordaan. Director Annelien Kers has steadily marked significant presence at the Dutch art scene over the past years, showing unexpected, playful and unapologetically choices. Chikako Watanabe’s solo exhibition ‘Language in Paradise’ opens there october 17th and promises to be a beautiful multi-disciplinary presentation of the artist’s investigation into the parameters of paradise in relation to the special history of the Hilvaria Studios. 

1 Language in Paradise CHIKAKO WATENABE -HILVARIA STUDIO''S.2013-PH.GJ.vanROOIJKunst aan de Schinkel
The Schinkel area in Amsterdam
Until 08.11.15

Kers Gallery
Lindengracht 148,
1015KK, Amsterdam
//Chikako Watanabe at Kers Gallery
17.10.15 – 07.11.15

About Emmelie
Emmelie Koster (28) is founder and curator of No Man’s Art Gallery. For her gallery, she crosses the globe in search of emerging artists and organises temporary exhibitions in every city she visits. When she is not roaming the world, she spends her days in Amsterdam where the gallery has a permanent exhibition space. Also an independent art advisor, Emmelie is always up to speed of who is showing where, and what not to miss. Discover her top art picks in her monthly Volkshotel blog.


Picture Courtesy
Soledad Senlle Foundation
Van Rooij

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